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Follow You to Dust

Where do I even begin?

Monday night my dad fell ill. He has had several heart attacks for a decade now and last year he finally had major heart surgery. He has been doing well until this week. We thought it was another heart attack. By Thursday we found out it is colon cancer. As you can imagine, I am wrecked. Thank whoever is watching over me though cause it's stage 1 and curable. Still, he has to have chemotherapy and have major surgery down the road to remove it down the road. For now he's home, with me, and I love and take care of him more than ever. My dad is my hero and I don't know how I'd survive without him.

I'm kind of moving through my days in a haze but I have wonderful support and am thankful for them. I'm keeping myself busy with work but my anxiety is kind of eating me alive.

For now thought, I'm just happy my loved ones alive and with me.