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I am bouncing and doing a happy dance!

[community profile] nightonficmountain, a Midsummer small fandom fic exchange, has just gone live, and I have been lucky to receive THREE gifts. That's right!

Three lovely, amazing presents, all of them for the Master and Commander aka Aubrey-Maturin fandom. (I have guessed that Master & Commander would be the fandom I'd get my present for, but THREE presents? O frabjous day!) One art and two fics!

The artwork is MARVELLOUS, minimalist pen-and-link with delicious linework, Jack, Stephen, a hammock, and a SLOTH. A Slothful Interlude with napping!

The fics are WONDERFUL.

There is Brother, Soul, Joy, a truly subtle SOUL BOND fic with pitch perfect prose and characterisation, every inch the Aubrey-Maturin but with even more connection and friendship and love. The writing is musical and exquisite. I am enamored.

There is On the Possibilities of Sail, which is a fantastic AU with adventure and SEA MONSTERS. With actual serpents, and a happy ending, and puns. It is so deliciously dense with maritime adventure information and sailing facts seamlessly woven in the fantasy framework! I am in love.

If you like AGE OF SAIL, ADVENTURE, and SLOTHS, come look at these lovely gifts and shower them with kudos! Because they are gorgeous.

Fanart, fanworks exchange, and fic

Jun. 21st, 2017 01:40 pm
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You know, I deleted my tumblr for fanart hosting on May 29, and wow, all the links still work. How much server space does tumblr have? When I deleted, they said "it's gone"; when is it gone?

In the meantime, in case you still want to take a look at my fanart (LEGO vignettes, mini-installations built with minifigs & blocks), here they all are, in their humorous glory, still:

Harry Potter (Thestrals, pubs and dragons)
Generation Kill (Brad & Nate on the beach)
The Eagle (adventures, dinosaurs, modern & sci-fi AUs)

In other news, today is the day [community profile] nightonficmountain should go live! I am incredibly excited, anxious about what my recipient thinks of my story, and on the edge of my seat about what I'll get. Actually, probability analysis says I'll get a Master and Commander story. Which is an awesome gift to get!

I keep thinking about Not Prime Time Exchange ([community profile] npt_admin), there are some prompts I could, in theory, write treats for, but they are for fandoms I have burnt out on (like The Man from UNCLE; I am, in fact, quite well-versed in 20th century politics and spy tradecraft and there are still plenty of stories I could write, stories that haven't been written for this fandom, I just... don't wanna?) or have a backlog of unwritten fics and misplaced guilt (Generation Kill OMG), or haven't written anything for, yet (a lot of undisclosed options, okay). So, IDEK. Perhaps when I have a bit more free time in a while, the deadline for Prime Time Madness is still ahead of us.

Also, there's [community profile] sutcliff_space. I have put together music and art and quotes for future rounds; it's basically an all-year-open prompt cornucopia. But it's no fun alone! :)
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Out of Control by Kronaras13
Wreak Havoc by fyeahlemoncakes
Problem by TheCrazeace
Daddy Issues by acmmproductions
River by crimsonsky
You Did Not Break Me by Forwood4Life
Gasoline by WrecklessL0ve
Castle by madi-solo
She'll Eat You Alive by AndieTheFox
Fifty Shades by MrsEclipse555

More MARVEL TV: jessica jones, punisher, daredevil, defenders, agents of shield, agent carter
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25 fanvids about female characters, gen and femslash pairings, in the technophobic/cratic dystopian thriller show POI.


That's My Girl by violeades (miscellaneous)
Martine Go Hard by pornado (Martine Rousseau)
My Little Puppeteer by SnowFalls3 (Root)
Don't Feel a Damn Thing by lindxx (Sameen Shaw)
Power and Control by meridalocksley (Zoe Morgan)
Don't Back Down by iluvddandjamesroday6 (Joss Carter)
Heads Will Roll by AurumCalendula (Control)
One Woman Army by TheMachine (Martine Rousseau)
A Good Cop by Nadiow613 (Joss Carter)
The Perfect Heist by SnowFalls3 (Root)
Funk Soul Brother by SnowFalls3 (Sameen Shaw)
99 Problems by FlufferNutter (Root & Shaw)
Sucker For Pain by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)
Friction by pornado (Root & Shaw)
Uma Thurman by pornado (Root & Shaw)
Angels Could Be Bad by pornado (Root & Shaw)
I'm a Danger by pornado (Root & Shaw)
Beautiful Crime by pornado (Root & Shaw)
Feelings for You by pornado (Root & Shaw)
Bang Bang by pornado (Root & Shaw)
One Last Time by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)
Fall With Me by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)
Everything's Blue by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)
Le bien qui fait mal by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)
Just Noise in the System by SnowFalls3 (Root & Shaw)

More vids about ADVENTURE, CRIME, and TECHNOLOGY: Spy Mysteries | Mr Robot | White Collar | Inception | Kingsman | Major Grom | Fast and Furious | Luther | Man from UNCLE (TV) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Man from UNCLE (2015) Part 1, Part 2 | Person of Interest Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

REC POST: Defenders / Marvel Netflix

Jun. 19th, 2017 11:55 pm
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Defenders and miscellaneous characters from Marvel Netflix shows galore.


Beautiful Crime by Cantrous (Defenders)
Believer by Cantrous (Daredevil)
Nice to Meet Me by Cantrous (Luke Cage)
Control by Cantrous (Jessica Jones)
King by Kronaras (Iron Fist)
Born Ready by piratesandsuperheroes (Defenders)
World on Fire by GossipVal1 (Daredevil)
Seven Nation Army by Cantrous (Defenders)
The Devil by TheGaroStudios (Daredevil)
The Night Nurse by MCUExchange (Claire Temple)
Gasoline by Kalopsia (Elektra Natchios)
Worth It by LowKeyProductions (Trish Walker)
Into the Shadows by pointless_existence (Luke Cage)
Touch by radiantxecho (Luke Cage & Jessica Jones)
I'll Be Your Soldier by JediGater (Jessica Jones & Trish Walker)
Warriors by badassmorse (Jessica Jones & Daredevil)
Love Hurts by TatyanaOracle (Claire Temple & Daredevil)
Shadow Preachers by fyeahlemoncakes (Elektra Natchios & Daredevil)
Black by xosimplyvidsox (Daredevil)
Everybody Wants to Rule the World by badassmorse (Defenders)

More MARVEL FANVIDS: punisher, daredevil, avengers, agents of shield, iron man, agent carter, agent carter ii, agent carter iii, black widow, black widow ii, black widow & steve rogers, black widow & hawkeye, black widow & winter soldier, winter soldier, captain america & winter soldier, civil war

Fic! Fic! Fic!

Jun. 15th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Succeeded in completing and uploading my [community profile] nightonficmountain assignment. (I still have a lot of problems actually uploading/posting the work, but that is just me. I will figure it out eventually.)

This is terribly exciting and very new for me, I went for styles/choices/fandoms I hadn't before, did plenty of research, and I am honestly very anxious whether my recipient will like it. Also I am really curious about what I'll get. I am so out of habit with mystery exchanges, this is positively overwhelming.

No further writing goals set yet. However, I encourage myself, along with everyone else, to go over to [community profile] sutcliff_space and write for the prompts! in any Sutcliff fandom! Remember, no Sutcliff Swap this year! Our fun is strictly DIY!

I do have tentative plans to pick up some old story ideas for GK or HP, or maybe I will try something new.

In other news, I still enjoy reading Batman/Superman fics. They have secret identity trope like you wouldn't believe! It's like a candy store!

REC POST: NBC Hannibal (Memory Loss)

Jun. 13th, 2017 04:25 pm
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Kō no mono, or, in lieu of actual seasonal pickled vegetables, have a selection of fics about amnesia and mystery memory loss.


Ghosts / Falling by yotb0tka


See by tangerine (Hannibal loses his memory while he's locked in the BSHCI. One of the orderlies lost his temper and bashed his skull, and it was just Hannibal's luck that it wiped his memory clean. However, nobody knows just how clueless Hannibal is about his whole life. Hannibal isn't going to let them know.)
A Room Without Doors by cartouche (Hannibal gets amnesia and doesn't remember all of his subsequent murders and cannibalisations.)
Uncharted Sea by louise_lux (After the fall. Hannibal finally wakes from his injuries, and it becomes clear that he remembers nothing.)
Waiting For Winter by weconqueratdawn (Hannibal wakes up in Will's cabin, still in recovery after the fall and with little memory of what came after. They both wait - Will for Hannibal to be well enough to leave, and Hannibal for Will to make choices.)
and the stars are exploding in your eyes by hito (Hannibal probably isn't the person you want helping you out when you've got amnesia. )
prelude and fugue by stelladown (It starts with an impromptu visit to Will's home in the middle of the night, followed by dinner for two with a side course of twilight anesthesia, and ends with a kiss (and a letter folded on a pile of laundry.)
The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by 50mg (When they fall, Hannibal and Will are wrapped around one another. When Hannibal surfaces he is alone.)

Hannibal: Fics: I (under 5k), II (under 10k), III (under 20k), IV (killer AUs), V (under 20k), VI (supernatural AUs), VII (overview), VIII (under 25k), IX (short variations s1-s3), X (short variations post-s3), XI (science fiction double feature); Vids: Smooth Mix, Jolly Mix, Mesmerizing Mix, Loose Mix, Meditative Mix, Gourmet Mix, Someone Help Will Graham Mix, Abigail Hobbs Mix, Alana Bloom Mix, Matthew Brown Mix, Devil & Control Mix, See & Evolve Mix, Escalating Mix, Psychoanalyzing & Becoming Mix, Will's Nightmares Mix, Frederick Chilton Mix, Bedelia DuMaurier Mix, Saucy Mix, Ready or Not Mix, Slow & Personal Mix

REC POST: Spy Thrillers & Mysteries

Jun. 13th, 2017 01:30 am
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9 themed vid recs about spooks and stuff. Very LeCarre.


Shout by SnowLightXX (The Night Manager, Jonathan Pine)
Leg die Bombe by richhug (Berlin Station, Daniel Miller)
Civilian by [personal profile] sol_se (London Spy, Danny)
Charade by escaway (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bill Haydon & Jim Prideaux)
Way to Fall by Lunettarose (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
Lift Me Up by GiztheGunslinger (Spooks, Lucas North)
Running Up That Hill by barkley (Spooks, Tom, Zoe & Danny)
Adagio for Strings by barkley (Spooks)
Turn to Stone by barkley (The Bletchley Circle)

Person of Interest Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 | Ben Aaronovitch: Rivers of London Part 1, Part 2 | Man from UNCLE (TV) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Man from UNCLE (2015) Part 1, Part 2 | White Collar | Inception | Kingsman | Major Grom | Fast and Furious | Luther | Mr Robot
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Dedicated to [personal profile] vaysh11 - it's been a while since I put together a Steve/Bucky vid rec list. This is a sequence of character fanvids that I like a lot, they're quite splendid (though not the most widely watched in fandom, I reckon). This is all I love about Captain America & Winter Soldier in 25 vids: the story I came and stayed for, the story that, objectively, MCU chose not to tell anymore. And even though the narrative dissappointingly crumbled and faded through a multitude of studio choices, the vids are there, with the pace and beauty, depth and insight that these characters deserve.

I Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
My Heart Belongs to Brooklyn by Solar

II Captain America
Dysfunctional by AKEditx
You're No Good For Me by Orig1n
Tomorrow's Another Day by SANAA
Sucker For Pain by MarvelSquad
Human by astroni

III Captain America & Winter Soldier
Lament of Captain America by orig1n
Hurts Like Hell by safirlin
No Rest For the Wicked by thegwynvids
Shelter by vivalarevolution
Fire by WitheringSage
History Repeating by kuwdora

IV Winter Soldier
The River by sebs edits
Another One Bites the Dust by devildears
Mind Heist by Cantrous
Gold by Mokriceman
But I Did It by Control

V Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
No Happy Ending by devildears
Run Away With Me by SANAA
Нам не жить друг без друга (There's no life for us without each other) by Solar

Even more vids: winter soldier, winter soldier ii, winter soldier iii, captain america: winter soldier, captain america & winter soldier, steve & bucky, more bucky & steve, steve & bucky aus, steve & bucky canon i, steve & bucky canon ii, steve & bucky canon iii, steve & bucky canon iv: civil war prelude, steve & bucky canon v: civil war prelude redux, steve & bucky canon vi: civil war prelude vol.3,steve & bucky canon vii: civil war, steve & bucky canon viii: civil war, steve & bucky canon ix: civil war, steve & bucky canon x: civil war, romancing rogers, black widow & winter soldier, black widow & winter soldier ii, black widow & winter soldier iii, black widow & winter soldier iv, black widow & steve rogers
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